A beautiful unaccepting reality

Photo by Dan-Cristian Pădureț on Unsplash

Rules are meant to be broken, sometimes promises too,

Holding hands will not last longs, neither our beloved peps,

Sun will not always be bright, neither the breezy nights,

Bad days will be there and mistakes will be made,

Gloomy days will last long, neither the dark clouds of dim view,

Monday blues will not last long, nor do the weekend vibes,

Hard days will come and success will overpower,

Summer will pass by and spring, autumn, winter will arrive,

We all are on a journey, and we will not get everything alright,

Hello and bye, I am here and will see you, I am sorry and I am happy, good and bad are the constant phases of everyone’s life

By not accepting the truth, the universe will not come to an end



Made with love and some sand colors :)

Created by the author using colorful rangoli colors

A virtual picture in mind that started with a rough sketch,

Bordered with peaceful white color to wish for tranquility in every situation,

Filled with red, blue, pink, yellow, green, and many more sand colors,

To pray for a beautiful life filled with each and every color

And at last…



Photo by Dapo Oni on Unsplash

The sun has arrived and golden rays have softly kissed my face,

Just like mother’s sweet morning kisses before waking me up,

The crickets have gone to sleep because they are tired from their late-night orchestra play,

The birds have woken up from their sleep, to continue the melodious musical…



Photo by Marian G Ruggiero on Unsplash

Blurry thoughts remind me of the sky which is covered with dust and fog,

Just like your beautiful soul, which is currently stupor and overpowered by smog,

But it will not last long, the savior of the sky is on the way,

That will blow away all the cynical thoughts and smog which is covering your hopes,

Leading to a beautiful star gazed night.

~Arati Thapa



Arati Thapa Magar

Arati Thapa Magar

An engineer by profession, love making dresses on weekend, ambivert in nature, trying to express my thoughts by writing 🇳🇵🇳🇪